$ 5.98

The Moose in an elusive animal, and only through patience and luck will you ever see a Moose. If food is plentiful, you may see more than one Moose scattered around a feeding area.

Object of Game:
The object is to get 20 or more Moose Spotting Points. All players should have the same amount of turns before someone is declared the champion Moose Spotter.

On each turn a player rolls all five dice, (which are specially engraved with a Moose) if no Moose is rolled on the first roll, then the player passes dice and earns no Moose spotting points. If, on the first roll, player rolls one or more Moose, then the player has a choice. The player may keep the Moose spotting points scored and pass the dice, or forfeit the points and roll all 5 dice a second time, and keep those points, if any. (Moose spotting point score sheet included in game.)