"I love the original LCR, but the WILD is even more fun!
I can steal chips from my brothers!"
- Kristie, FL (LCR WILD)
We tried this game for the first time on our trip to the Grand Canyon.
Six of us played this game and we even taught others to play, what a grand time we all had.
This is a very simple game to learn and can get very competitive.
Lots of fun!               
- Ian, CA (LCR® Card Game)
​This is the most fun our family has had together for a long time.
Our 3 year old grandson is learning left and right and good sportsmanship already.
The older grandchildren just really enjoy the fast pace and winning money. (We play with quarters).
Absolutely love it.
- Marianne, MA (The original LCR® Dice game)
Great game!!!! When we play with the lil ones we use the chips provided.
When we play with our adult friends we play with quarters or dollars :-)  
- Krystal, PA (LCR WILD)
"Small, simple and fun. What more could i ask for?
I love it! My students love it! you can even make your own ​variations." 
-Duncan, NY (LCR Tube)

Any age, anytime and anywhere!

Get your friends and family together today and play!