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Despite its reputation as a real stinker, the skunk is a vital cog in the ecosystem and a useful creature to mankind, since a portion of its diet includes mice, mosquitoes and other household pests. These black and white animals, which range in size from 2-10 pounds, are common throughout the U.S.

Object of Game:
To be the first player to spell the word "Skunk"

On each player's turn, the player may roll one to five dice and score each skunk rolled as one letter in the spelling of the player's word "S-K-U-N-K" If a player rolls too many skunks, the he or she is in a smelly situation. The player's turn ends and on his or her next turn must make a fresh start to spell the word, "Skunk." If a player rolls five Skunks before accumulating their first letter, the game is over, since the player has successfully spelled "Skunk" and certainly has skunked the other players.

Don't worry. This product does not smell.