Dino Dice

$ 5.98

The game consists of 5 dice, each with six different Dinosaurs. Five of these are Herbivores (Plant Eaters) and have numbers and values of 1,2,4,5, and 6. one is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Carnivore (Man Eater) and has a number of 3, but no value.

Object of Game:
To be the player with the highest score over 150. The oldest player goes first.( These are Dinosaurs!) Each turn consits os a maximum of three rolls per play. Players do not have to roll all three times. For each 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex or Rex) showing, one Herbivore is "Eaten" (removed from play) for that player's turn. The remaining dice are grouped into "Herds". A "Herd" consits of two or more Dinosuars of the same type (value), and a player may have more than one herd.(Herds score Point sheet is included with game.)

Dinosaurs are animals right?