Beached (Whale)

$ 5.98

A Whale of a Game! Get it? 

Playing pieces:

3 dice spotted 1 to 6 with the 1 spot replaced by a whale. 

How to start: 

Each player rolls one die, high roll goes first and play moves to the left.

How to play:

The first player rolls all three dice. the highest of these is set aside and the remaining 2 dice are rolled. The higher of these 2 dice is set aside and then the last die is rolled. 

Only one die may be set from each roll. The player's score is calculated by adding the 3 dice from each roll.

A player is beached and out of the game if the player rolls either 3 whales on the first roll, 2 whales on the second or 1 on the last roll. 

Each player takes a turn rolling the above sequence and passes the dice. The first player to accumulate 100 points or more without coming "beached" wins! 


 If that's not enough on the reverse side of the instructions has loads of cool facts about whales, such as:

The heart of the blue whale is the size of a small car! 

Cool right?!